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Master Planning & Feasibility Studies

Master Planning is the process of looking ahead and planning for the long term. Even if funds for the immediate future are limited and the initial undertaking is intended to be small, the process of Master Planning allows you to consider how the immediate work will fit within the bigger picture, and plan steps to reach your ultimate goal. 

A Feasibility Study looks at your current situation, assesses your current goals, and explores possible roadblocks between the two. It is an objective assement that considers issues such as zoning and land development regulations, financial considerations, internal corporate weaknesses, and existing facility limitations and opportunities. The study is tailored to your specific situation and offers objective advice on achieving your goals.

Architecture & Interior Design

Architects are primarily creative designers and problem solvers. Our goal in the process of design is to involve the client as much as possible in the process. To that end we use state of the art computer modeling and rendering technology to better communicate the spatial design intent. Because of this our clients have a better understanding of the issues involved in the design and can offer us better feedback along the way.

We have a very talented team of Interior Designers available as a resource depending on the size and type of project. Our experience ranges from simple advice on colors and materials to fully themed environments. Each project is unique in the involvement that is necessary for interior design and we have the flexibility to customize our services to suit your unique situation.

Construction Documentation & Project Management

Construction Documentation is the practice of converting the design intent into documents that are capable of receiving code enforcement approval, bidding, and final construction. We like to work closely with builders throughout the design and documentation phases to reduce the number of changes and surprises that often occur during construction itself. We encourage each of our clients to use a construction managed team approach which we have found produces a smoother and more cost efficient process.

We have resource teams of structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, as well as acousticians and experts in the realm of audio, video, and theatrical production available at your disposal. It is our job to manage this team to your greatest benefit. 


We are experts in the use of parametric based computer modeling as it relates to the construction industry, and have been a consultant to a number of design firms seeking to upgrade both their hardware and software to the latest technology. All of our computers our custom built by us to maximize power and efficiency for an Architect's specific use and we have built workstations and networks for architectural firms. We use Revit 2014 for all of our construction documentation, and have used it firsthand for structural, mechanical, and architectural modeling. We have developed collaborative strategies for all three of these major disciplines to work effectively together through cloud based technology, and can share these insights on a consulting basis. 

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