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BIM Implementation Specialist

I have had the opprotunity to work exclusively in Revit for the past 5 years. In that time I have had the opprtunity to develop Architectural, Structural, and MEP models for a number of projects with construction budgets in excess of $15 million dollars. Because of this experience I have developed numerous standards for collaboration, and helped quite a few design and construction firms understand and transition into a BIM environment. Below are a few of the services that I can offer in this field.



Over the years I have become frustrated with the over the counter computers that are available to Architects for their work. None address well the unique needs of an Architect for 3-D visualization, and speed. For the past eight years I have built dozens of computers custom designed specifically for BIM and CAD use. While the quality of the hardware is much greater than a typical PC, the cost is often competitive since I focus only on the componants most important for a good AEC computer. 


Another advanatge to the equipment that I build is that it is easily upgradeable over time. Depending on how long you wait to upgrade, I can offer advice on which components can be replaced and which can be saved 

Rates for all services:

For most of these services I would prefer to evaluate your need and offer a fixed fee based on that evaluation. Initial consultation is free.  


Hourly Rate: $110 per hour

For "On Call" consultation I would typically charge a flat fee for the first two months depending on your number of staff and then bill at 10 min intervals thereafter. 

BIM start up package


This service is designed primarily for an Architectural or Engineering firm that is considering the migration from CAD to BIM technology. Services include:

  • Traning: In most cases I would recommend to start with one or two firm wide sessions so that everyone can understand the nature of BIM and its impact on project delivery. From there the focus can be on a handful of BIM implementors to help them understand how to get started.

  • On-Call Consultation: The only way anyone can learn a new peice of software is to use it. I can help them get over the hurdles that often arise as its being used. With a quick phone call and the use of a remote connection I can quickly get them over that hurdle. 

  • Template Creation: What many firms need most is a head start. Revit offers many powerful template features that can get your firm up to the drawing standards to which you have become accustomed. I can study your office standards and create these families to help your draftsperson get off on the right foot.

  • Family Creation: One of the more difficult features in Revit is the creation of complex families. These are powerful components that can be manipulated based on specific parameters in the project. If you have a need for a specific type of component that will be used on numerous projects in the future. i can built that for you for a fixed fee. 

Contractor Services


BIM offers a very powerful tool for contractors and I can offer the help needed to leverage this tool. Here are some examples of the services that I have performed for contractors

  • File Evaluation: In the world of BIM contractors are often at the mercy of the quality of the BIM model they recieve from the architects and engineers. I can do a confidential evaluation of the model you recieve and offer a report on how best it can be used by you in the constrcution phase.

  • Material Takeoff- Revit has some good tools for this, but Navisworks actually has a more detailed quantification feature that works in conjunction with Revit. In order to use that feature formulas and templates should be created that can be used from job to job to quickly produce materials lists from the Revit model. i can help you set that up.

  • Project Scheduling: Navisworks has a great feature to import the project schedule from your standard scheduling software and associate elements of the model to the schedule so that you can visualize construction sequencing. I can train you on how to use that feature.

  • Marketing: With the 3-D visulaizations available within Revit and Navisworks you can stand apart from your competition with images and videos that illustratr your use of this new technology. I can help develop those for you.

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